Can You Wash Your Hair With Hand Sanitizer?

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Can You Use Hand Sanitizer as Shampoo?

Can You Wash Your Hair With Hand Sanitizer?

Are you out of shampoo but have plenty of hand sanitizer? Good news: you can use that hand sanitizer to quickly wash your hair.

The alcohol in hand sanitizer absorbs moisture, removing excess oils from your hair. And, if you have any germs or bacteria in your hair, the hand sanitizer will help get rid of them as well.

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So, is it safe to wash your hair with hand sanitizer? The answer is yes, but it should not be your first option.

It’s fairly simple to use hand sanitizer as shampoo, and it’s even easier if you have hand sanitizer spray on hand. Simply spray the sanitizer into your hair, or pour some into your hand if you don’t have spray sanitizer, and massage it into your roots.

Is it Safe to Put Hand Sanitizer in Your Hair?

While hand sanitizer can be an effective shampoo substitute, it should not be used as a long-term solution due to a few risks.

When you apply hand sanitizer to your scalp, it can cause dry skin and dandruff. While it is effective at removing excess oils, it can also cause dry, damaged hair.

What Happens if You Get Hand Sanitizer in Your Eyes?

If you think getting sanitizer in a cut is painful, imagine getting it in your eyes. Hand sanitizer can cause severe burning and swelling if it comes into contact with your corneas.

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So, if you decide to use hand sanitizer as a shampoo substitute, you must exercise extreme caution. If hand sanitizer gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with clean water. If the pain does not go away or worsens, seek medical attention.

Can You Use Wet Wipes on Your Hair?

Wet wipes, like hand sanitizer, can help remove oils from your hair. You could use them as a temporary shampoo substitute if necessary.

Wet wipes are a little safer than hand sanitizer because they contain gentler chemicals and are less likely to get into your eyes.

Does Hand Sanitizer Lighten Hair?

Large amounts of alcohol can lighten the color of your hair. However, this is not a recommended method of lightening your hair because too much of it can harm your roots.

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However, using a small amount of hand sanitizer to wash your hair is unlikely to cause any change in the natural color of your hair.

Alternative Ways to Clean Your Hair Without Shampoo

While it’s a workable solution in a pinch, washing your hair with hand sanitizer isn’t the best option. Before using hand sanitizer, consider the following alternatives:

  • Using a dry shampoo. This is available at most convenience stores.
  • Powdered baby powder. Pour a small amount of baby powder into your hands and pat it onto your scalp to use as a shampoo substitute.
  • Water. If you have time for a shower but no shampoo, a thorough rinse can remove oily hair.

While these methods will not work as well as shampoo, they are adequate as a temporary fix.

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